Found a pet? If it’s a dog it’s most likely someone’s lost pet. Although there are instances of stray “unowned” dogs being found it’s not common in our area. If it’s a cat, it could be a pet that is lost or permitted to roam outside or it could be a “community cat” (an unowned stray or feral). If the cat approaches you and you are able to touch it then it’s not feral. However even owned cats can develop feral tendencies if they are stray for too long. Please read about the differences between Strays & Ferals. There are many rescues in our community that have experience with feral cats and may be able to assist. Please check out Local Feral Cat Rescues

Bring the pet to a local vet’s office to have it scanned for a microchip (it’s free)

Post online to local Lost & Found Pet Facebook sites such as: Kingston Community Lost & Found Pets, Lost & Found Pets (Kingston & Surrounding areas), Monroe’s Lost Pet Network of Kingston

Let your local shelter (Kingston Humane Society, Gananoque Humane Society etc.) know that you have found the pet. This is usually the first place owners look for a lost pet.