Support our Fundraising Events

How you can help:

Volunteer your time

As the saying goes “Time is money” and it is so valuable.  As I said we have so many ideas, but with myself working full-time and mom busy with other commitments we don’t have enough hours in the day to get everything done that we want to.  Some tasks could probably be accomplished here and there over a couple of days, whereas others may require more time.  Some may require you to have good “research skills”, others may require “communication & people skills”.

We are looking for people to help assist organizing spay/ neuter events, fundraising events, soliciting for donation items, media events, drivers etc.

Donate your talent or expertise

Nearly everyone has at least one helpful talent that they can donate. Whether you are a genius with a sewing machine, wood-working, crafting, writing, photography, a baker, are comfortable with social media accounts (Instagram/ facebook etc.), researching different topics, or employed as a graphic artist, IT specialist, lawyer etc., you can find a way to use those talents to help.

We are looking to set up different Fundraising & Media Teams of Bakers, Crafters/ Artisans, Facebook Admins, researchers & bloggers/writers, as well as additional teams for other fundraising ideas, event organizers.

Use your Influence & Social Media contacts

When you are asked to SHARE a post on Facebook or to get the word out to family and friends, then please SHARE. You may not be able to actually assist with the request in the post, but by sharing with your own contacts and asking them to also SHARE you may be reaching those that are able to help, and that could make all the difference in the life in an animal, and it does not cost you a thing.

Host your own fundraiser

Help support HART by hosting your own fundraiser, every bit helps. Ideas could be yard/garage sale, bake sale, donations in lieu of gifts for a birthday or wedding, a social fundraiser, contest, company sales. Please contact us with your ideas and what our group can do t o help make it a success.