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As you know we have always been strong supporters of Spay & Neuter. Not only does it help reduce animal overpopulation but there are numerous health & behavioural benefits for your pets as well. This month we are super excited to announce that thanks to the wonderful people at Lanark Leeds & Grenville Spay Neuter Clinic (that already provide some of the most affordable prices in our area) that we are able to sponsor a Low cost spay/ neuter day for 51 cats. 26 Females & 25 males. ?❤

HART’s Christmas Auction 2020 (click on link to take you to our Facebook group)

When: November 5th to November 26th, 2020

Main Fundraising group on Facebook since March 2020:

HART’S Fundraising for animals group (click on link to take you to our group)

Coming in November 2019……..

PET FOOD DRIVE from November 1st to 30th

Proceeds from the food drive will go to help stock shelves at St Vincent de Paul ( a wonderful organization that helps provide food, clothes & essentials to those in need, without charging them a cent). We would additionally like to help provide support to local rescues & shelters. Basically, if a cat or dog is hungry we would like to help.

If we are able to collect at least 250kg of pet food we will be completing a draw for $100.00!!! (Enter to win at any one of our drop off locations or be entered automatically when ordering through Amazon)

Food can be ordered on-line through Amazon. Here is a link to our wishlist : HART’s Pet Food Drive Wishlist

or Dropped off at the following locations:

Ewyn Weight Loss Studios Kingston (783 Blackburn Mews)

Un-Wine-d (235 Gore Road – Rideau Town Centre)

Together we can help make sure an animal doesn’t go hungry this winter. Thank you 🙂

Coming in November 2019 ………

Christmas on-line Auction

Coming in October 2019…….

Mark your Calendars!

BAKE SALE – We will have many different kinds of delicious home made goodies including lots and lots of VEGAN baked goods. So tell your friends!!!

When: Saturday, October 12th from 10 am to 2 pm

Where: outside of Tara’s Foods (81 Princess St)