A cat that was adopted as a free” kitten off of kijiji or an on-line pet site is now a cat that is going into heat or starting to spray. The owner’s can’t afford to spay or neuter it or pay the surrender fees at the local shelter, so they “drop it off” somewhere. The cats are then forced to fight for survival. A lot of these cats will either die through disease or starvation. Unsterilized males will fight and scrap to the death, and females will continue to have litter after litter. A lot of the kittens will not survive and those that do will continue to reproduce adding to the suffering of those that are already struggling to survive. This is sadly a very common story, that is happening everywhere, including our city. We have a cat crisis. The rescue’s are doing everything they can to help these lost souls but it’s non-stop and unfortunately by the time some of the cats and kittens are found and taken into care they are in such bad shape that no matter how much love and medical care they receive it is just too late for them.

The pain and suffering that these cats and kittens endure is preventable. Spay and Neuter is the solution. Until Kingston attains a Low Cost High Volume Spay Neuter clinic, there are things that we can do as a community to help the local cat crisis and end the pain and suffering for those that cannot speak for themselves.

  • Pets are a responsibility. Please know the costs of owning an animal before taking that “free” kitten/puppy. Many of the local rescue’s and shelter’s adoption fees cover everything (vet check, spay/neuter, vaccinations, parasite treatment, microchip etc.) and is always the most cost effective way to add a new pet to your family. So please think long-term about what is the best option. Check out “Before you get a Pet” for information
  • Help end the vicious cycle. If your pet gets pregnant please do not give or sell the kittens/ puppies to people unless you are 100% assured that they will be spayed/ neutered. If you can not afford the surrender fees to take them to our local shelter, who will ensure they are all spayed/ neutered then please contact us we may be able to assist you with the cost.
  • Check out our list of more affordable Spay Neuter options:
  • Apply for subsidy. There is assistance to low-income individuals living within the boundaries of the City of Kingston. The City has a $250 voucher program through the Municipal Fee Assistance Program for spaying and neutering. For more information, call: 613-546-2695 ext. 4906.
  • Check out our monthly sponsored spay neuter days. Updates of cost and location are posted on our Facebook Page.
  • If you have qualified for the $250 voucher but still cannot afford the difference please contact us as we may be able to assist with the cost.